The Day Care Center “SYZOI” has been specifically designed and organized for people who have visual impairment (partial or total blindness) and also additional disabilities (mental disabelity, autism, cerebral palsy, neurometabolic syndromes).

The construction was carried out by the Association’s families on a plot of land provided by the Municipality of Kalamaria, thanks to the two large donations of Mrs. Lefkothea Mati and the Pan-Hellenic Association of Manufacturing Industries and Tobacco Trading Companies. It is the only Center in Northern Greece that provides specialized intervention training and treatment programs for visually impaired people with additional disabilities and works according to European standards.

Its operation began in January 2013, with the first 9 children of the Association. Since November 2016, the Center has been systematically working with 17 children and adolescents with visual impairment and additional disabilities, but occasionally supports other people as well. The programs implemented at the Center aim to develop the functionality of the beneficiaries in all areas of development. Their design is done by the interdisciplinary team (psychiatrist for children, psychologist, social worker, special pedagogue, therapists, teacher of special physical education). The staff of the Center is complemented by Center Coordinator, Nurse, Trainers, Drivers, Co-Driver, and Secretary.

The services provided to the “SYZOI” Center are:

A. Basic services:

Self-service, mobility-orientation and daily life skillsAlternative communication techniquesEmotional education programVisual training program for people with reduced visionSpecial Physical Education (Basic Exercise)Occupational TherapyPhysiotherapySpeech therapy (basic services)Individual & group psychotherapyPsychosocial Support of FamiliesSocialization and Creative Employment ActionsEducational excursions (Cultural, Recreational, Sports, Social)Transferring trainees from their homes to the Center and vice versaCamping program (designed for Center trainees)Volunteer programs

B. Support services:

TEACCH (pedagogical structured program adapted for visually impaired people), Preparing for the Braille-writing system, Sensory Integration Program (S.I.), Optical Stimulation Program (Snoezelen), Program of Musicokinetic Education, Speech therapy (special support services), Music therapy (individual and group level), Educational gardening, Therapeutic horse riding, Therapeutic bathing, Pre-vocational training action, Special programs for group physical education, Special programs for psycho-emotional support of families, Social interaction-integration program with peer-to-peer formations.