“SYZOI’s Street Team” in 12th Marathon “Megas Alexandros”

In 12th International Marathon “MEGAS ALEXANDROS”,
come run with the «SYZWI»,
for ‘ SYZWI ‘
for our health.

Sunday 2 April 2017 “SYZOI” will participate in the 12th International Marathon “Megas Alexandros” with “SYZOI’s” street team and invite those who want to join in this:
• Running at 42, paths of 10 or 5 km, or
• Walking on paths of 10 or 5 km.

The registration fee/person for participation shall be determined by the organizers and 30 euros for the path of 42 km and 15 euros for the routes of 10 km and 5 km.

Each record through the Group of “SYZOI” has the same registration fee, but 5 euros go to the Fund of «Syzoi» in order to strengthen educational programmes.

Our desire is “SYZOI’s street team” to set up focusing on humans. As most enroll in “Syzoi’s” street team, the more we strengthen the presence and distribution of the work of the Association.

Write requests are made by filling out the electronic registration form

or by direct supplementation in writing at the offices of our Club Rodopoleos 5, terminus road Pontus in Kalamaria, daily 9.00 – 15.00 (after consultation).

Deadline for entries: Friday 3 March 2017

Information: 2310460777, SYZOI’s ‘ Secretariat ‘

More information about the games on the website of the event