Music therapy groups in SYZOI

In February 2017 starts new cycle of meetings of groups of music therapy for Disabled parents and workers in special education.

During the period February-June 2016 made in “SYZOI” innovative music therapy programs for workers in the field of special education and mental health as well as for parents of people with disabilities. which gave us great experiences discharge of accumulated negative emotions and intensity and simultaneously revealed to us ways of positive anaplaisiwsis and efficient treatment of everyday challenges. They joined the program “world of difference” of vodaphone and gave the opportunity to the children of the Club, to parents of disabled and workers in the field of special education to experience their benefits.

During this new round of meetings, based on the trail and enriched by the experiences of the past, there will be 8 separate meetings, during which the participants through active techniques and welcomes music therapy and personal growth tools will:

  • develop new more efficient ways of cooperation, cultivating empathy,
  • foster coherent links,
  • formulate new levels of interactivity,
  • Exchange experiences by recognizing and averting our feelings,
  • get in touch with new aspects of our personality,
  • move all together but each separately on the road to self-improvement and self-realization,
  • Discover new domestic sources of energy and creativity that proved inexhaustible

This cycle will end with a three-day experiential workshop in nature.

Registration-registration until 10 February 2017.

Information and application forms: Kavoura Polyna Musicotherapists NRMT MA (Master of Arts Nordoff Robbins Music Therapist) Tel.: 2310460777, 6942557845 e-mail: