The "SYZWI" organizes the 2nd SYZAThLO 2016

The "SYZWI" organizes in Thessaloniki the "2nd SYZAThLO 2016", a big mountain race with three routes 27 km, 14.5 km and 5.4 km for different requirements. The race will be held Sunday morning October 30th, 2016 at the beautiful forest of Sheikh in Thessaloniki. The start and the finish will take place at the site where the Church of St. Basil in Sheikh.

The aim of the race is as close as possible to our fellow human beings to live the joy of sports, contact with nature, healthy life, but also to meet the Club's actions while enhancing our efforts for equal education and social integration of children with blindness and additional disabilities. All proceeds will be used for financial aid of More day care Center "SYZWI"

Judging from the acceptance that had the first effort of organising the "1st Syzathloy» Sunday 15 November 2015 involving 850 fellow, comments and feedback, as well as the growing interest of the world for mountain racing, we believe that the" 2nd Syzathlos 2016 "will garner interest 2.000 people from various parts of Greece.

The notice of race and the records will become the next coming days in the website of the event and on facebook you will be able to keep up with fresh news and developments but also to invite your acquaintances through the event: "mountain race Syzathlos 2016"

We are waiting for you.

The Organizing Committee of the 2nd SYZAThLOY.