Tell yourself "I love you" in "Syzwi"

"I love you" is the title of the play that will be present in our city the theatre group "Circle of life" and will be devoted to "SYZWI".

Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June 2016, at 9 p.m. at the Royal Theatre, two performances of the original work of people of "Life Cycle", which promises to take us into another time reminding us of the small pleasures of daily life. Familiar characters of old Greek Cinema come together and discover what it is that our lives have more value. What is it that unites us and makes us stronger …

Ticket prices are £ 10 for the square and 8 € for the balcony. The performances will be offered at the Club "SYZWI" for strengthening of educational programmes for children with impaired vision and additional disabilities.


The "Circle of life" is known in our town, mainly for original theatrical performances that prepares and presents with love, while vulnerable people from the income generated. It is the theatre of social Association "tree of life" and consists of 30 volunteers parents and teachers who love wholeheartedly devoted minimal staff time to prepare a complete, artistically, result. Together they offered their services in writing, to the Director, to build the sets, in the designing and sewing costumes, on choreography, music editing, etc.

We invite you to come, have fun with us and to tell you "I love you".

Poster Sagapw

Ticket outlets:

01. Royal Theatre (Leof. Max. Alexander, Thessaloniki)

02. WIND store (71 Komninon str, Kalamaria pedestrian)

03. KgnCosmetics Hellas (69 Ermou str, Thessaloniki)

04. Papillon kids playroom, coffee events & (plateia Eleftherias, Trilofos)

05. School of nature (2o km-Trílofon Epanomis | t: 23920 64370)

06. SYZWI (Rodopoleos 5, terminus, Kalamaria, t: 2310460777)


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