The 6th high school sings Hadjidakis for "Syzwi"

Once again the 6th high school of Thessaloniki devotes to "SYZWI" a special music event-tribute with issue:

«Manos Chatzidakis of our dreams "

The event will take place on Friday 22 April 2016, at 8.30 p.m., in the cultural centre of the municipality of Thessaloniki's Toumba, Kleanthous 57 & Grig. Lambrakis.

For the realization of the event together the girls and boys of the choir and the music group, along with a group of teachers of the school.

The fourth this music event-tribute is expected to have the same impressive results with the two previous ones. We invite all friends of "SYZWIS" to attend to enjoy the efforts of students and teachers of the 6th high school of Thessaloniki.

Admission is free.

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