Music therapy

Music therapy groups for parents and employees

The Association "SYZWI" starts for the first time in Greece an innovative pilot project teams operating music therapy that addresses two categories of citizens:

Workers in the field of special education and mental health, with objectives to:
• Exchange experiences by recognizing and averting the negative feelings,
• develop new more efficient ways of cooperation, cultivating empathy,
• get in touch with new sides of their personality,
• move forward on the way of self-improvement and self realization,
• Discover new domestic sources of energy and creativity.
The cycle of meetings of groups of workers will be completed in June 2016 through five 4wres meetings (one meeting each month).

Parents, persons with disabilities, with the objectives to:
• share emotions and experiences,
• recognize emotions accepting their reality,
• improve ties and anaplaisiwsoyn relationships of family members,
• get in touch with their creativity and optimistic approach to life.
The cycle of meetings of parents ' groups will be completed in June 2016 through two 2wres sessions every month.

Responsible of the project is the musicotherapists k. Polyna Crab (Master of Arts Nordoff Robbins Music Therapist) which works closely with the "SYZWI" in recent years.
The venue of the meetings will be the day care Centre – the Day-care Association "SYZWI" (Rodopoleos 5, terminus, Kalamaria).

The teams record becomes free of charge for participants.

After extending the deadline for applying for interest, people who are interested can register until Wednesday 17 February 2016. The groups will be small, will be trained immediately and your early registration will ensure your participation as places are limited and priority shall be maintained.

Anyone interested to attend this program can declare the necessary data:
name, telephone, mail, property (parent or employee)
• online at
(writing on the topic: "for participation in therapy groups")
• 2,310,460,777 (Monday-Friday 10 am-3 pm)

The Board Of Directors. of the Association