SYZOI operates a one and only in Northern Greece “Early Intervention Program” for visually impaired children with or without additional disabilities, since October 2006. It’s an educational program that takes place at each child’s home, from birth till school age in cooperation with the parents.

The program is realized and tuned by educators specifically trained by “SYZOI” in cooperation with the Blindeninstitutsstiftung in Germany and the Pan-Hellenic Association “Amymoni”.


The Early Intervention Program includes:

  • Support of motion, speech and perception, taking into account the condition of each child’s vision
  • Evaluation and support of their residual vision
  • Support of the procedure of their playing capacity
  • Mobility and independence instruction
  • Fostering of the perception of the surroundings
  • Cooperation with already existing educational institutions attended by the children (such as kindergartens, nursery schools, primary schools) and also with doctors and therapists.


The seat of the Early Intervention Program where the coordination and organization of the operation, is located in Kalamaria, Rodopoleos 5 (end of road Pontou).

SYZOI owes 2 small cars for trainers’ transportation, who were bought by donations of:

1) “International Women’s Club of Greece” and Chevrolet Company “Souvleris”.

2) The company “Rombopoulos s.a.”