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We are parents and friends of visually impaired children (partial or total vision loss) with additional disabilities (mental disabilities, autism, neurological disorders, motor and sensory problems, etc.)

We created “SYZOI” because we wanted to offer quality living, development and education to our children. The name “SYZOI” means “co-living” and expresses our belief that visually impaired children with additional disabilities should live together with all the others.

“SYZOI” is a charitable non-government, non-profit organization, recognized by local and national authorities as a special certified non-profit provider of social care services.

In this page you can:

  • Learn more about our Association
  • Learn about the Early Intervention Program for visually impaired children
  • Learn about the Day Care Center for visually impaired children with additional disabilities
  • Learn about our Association’s events and activities
  • Learn how to become supporters of SYZOI
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